Quick Start




You should install this plugin in your blog directory. Do not install it in the theme directory.

npm install --save hexo-leancloud-counter

Create a LeanCloud application

Go to LeanCloud Dashboard and create an application.

Inside your application, click setting -> application key and acquire your app id, app key and master key.

Follow instruction here to set up you domain whitelist.


Put these options into _config.yml:

  enable: true
  app_id: # app id
  app_key: # app key
  master_key: # (Optional) master key

Why this plugin need master key?

The previous ways to integrate the LeanCloud Counter feature have security problems due to inproper ACL setting. To solve this problem, we need a way to ensure only the blogger can add / delete records in Counter. Plugin hexo-leancloud-counter-security fixed this problem by createing an admin user, but it is unnecessarily complicated. Using master key instead is much simpler for both plugin and plugin users.

How to keep master key safe?

There's three ways to pass master key to the plugin (priority from high to low):

  • Set in _config.yml
  • Pass to HEXO_LEANCLOUD_COUNTER_MASTER_KEY environment variable.
  • If none of above is set, the plugin will interactively ask it in CLI.

If you only deploy your blog in local environment, _config.yml way is recommended for its convenience.

If you deploy your blog via CI tools and _config.yml is exposed to publich, use environment variable for security.


Always keep your master key safe. Regenerate when it is leaked.

Also, add this plugin to deploy list in _config.yml:

  - type: leancloud_counter_sync
# - type: other deployer

Create Counter class

Skip this step if you already have one.


You need to wait for about 5 mins after you have created a new application to create classes.

This step requires Puppeteer. But don't worry, the plugin will automaticly install it for you if none is installed.

Simply run this command:

hexo lc-counter init

And the plugin will just finish everything for you.


You can just uninstall Puppeteer now, it's only used in this step.

See how to Manually Setup ACL if you cannot install Puppeteer or don't want to.

Sync your post list to LeanCloud

hexo g && hexo d

Add hookguard to application

Inside your application, click cloud engine -> setting, fill out repository option with https://github.com/LEAFERx/hexo-leancloud-counter-hookguard.git and click save.

Then click cloud engin -> deploy -> git deploy -> deploy.

The hookguard is successfully deployed when log print out hookguard deployed.

Why hookguard is needed?

The hookguard prevent invalid update (like decrease the count or even change record url) from malicious user.

Note the limit of free LeanEngine

The hookguard rely on LeanEngine. But we should be aware that free LeanEngin has use time limit and hibernate policy. See LeanEngine Plan for details. So the Counter with hookguard deployed may be slow to response in some time when updating counts.

Integrate to your theme


If your theme has already integrated this plugin, follow instructions from your theme.

Add <%- leancloud_counter_script() %> to your template to render LeanCloud Counter script.

Add <%- leancloud_counter({ action:'inc' }) %> to pages that you want to count.

Bloggers can also use leanCounter tag to show some counters in specific posts.

For details, checkout Tags & Helpers.

What's more?

Checkout Troubleshooting if you meet any problems.